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About me

Hi there!
I am Madhuri Govindaraju, a UX/Product Designer.

I studied applied art and started my design career as a graphic designer, which gave me a strong foundation in visual design. Later, I learnt to code and got into web design and front-end development (html & css). I was drawn to using empathy as a tool while building accessible, user friendly and responsive sites. My experience as a web/UI designer also taught me how to build data driven solutions in a collaborative environment. UX design seemed like a natural transition.

My design process involves understanding business goals; studying user needs and attitudes; gaining insights; articulating ideas through stories, user flows and wireframes; creating prototypes to validate designs; and delivering functional and elegant solutions. I believe empathy needs to be shown not just towards users to understand their pain-points but also towards the client, team and stakeholders who I am working with to understand their constraints.

The most enjoyable aspect of UX design for me is the combination of creativity, user research, technology, and functionality. I love the process of uncovering user insights to create human-centered designs. Most of all, I love to constantly learn and use my skills to make clients and users happy.